Jaap Groot  classic racing 


                                This is the website of Jaap Groot classic racing.

                                Pictures  from the 50 cc classic races until now.

     The pictures where taken at the races of  the Golden Riders aswell from the Eurocup .

                  Also Pictures of the 50- and 125 cc racing bikes from the collection.

                                       Click on the photo's and have fun.

                                                 Greetings : Jaap Groot

Dijon ,

The Golden Riders Band with Ferry Brouwer , Dave Vrijdag en Anuschka ,Gerold Meissner And Jaap Groot

Frohburg 2010 . East Germain stasy

Assen 2010 . With Cas Swart
Assen HARC   2010
Sachsenring 2009

            The 50 cc Golden Riders

        At the house of Nico Claassen   

     50 cc Golden Riders at  

       A  Museum in Andijk

         Sachsenring  band .

Spa  2007

Dijon / Prenois 

Me and Ina Voight  and Bernd Meijer .


Medical examination

Spa 2015


Bridgestone 125

PGP Racer.

Driven by 

Jan Ubbels .