Jaap Groot  classic racing 


                                This is the website of  Jaap Groot classic racing

                                Pictures  from the 50 cc classic races until now.

     The pictures where taken at the races from the Golden Riders aswell as the  Eurocup50 cc

                  Also Pictures of the 50- and 125 cc racing bikes from the collection.

                                       Click on the photo's and have fun.

                                                 Greetings : Jaap Groot

Doodeman 50 cc racing bike

Ponti engine 

6 gear de Jager gearbox.

21 hp

Actual race bike


Doodeman Kreidler 50 cc with Meikomot engine 6 gear

21 hp.

Actual race bike


Assen HARC   2010
ROSSI 50 cc
Garelli stable

Dijon ,

The Golden Riders Band with Ferry Brouwer , Dave Vrijdag en Anuschka ,Gerold Meissner And Jaap Groot

Frohburg 2010 . East Germain stasy

Aalsmeer  Aalt , Wil , Jaap
Assen 2010 . With Cas Swart
Garelli 50 cc Gp replica

Rossi 50 cc with Kreidler van Veen engine .6 gear Schaftleiter + Clutch.

As driven by Mauro Mordenti in 1982

              Sachsenring 2010

Kreidler . Gebouwd door Ruud Loers

 6         gear box Dry Clutch.

                  Kreidler Loers

Our mobile Dyno  tester.
Sachsenring 2009

Schagen  2008 Fam, Doodeman

            The 50 cc Golden Riders

        At the house of Nico Claassen   

     50 cc Golden Riders at  

       A  Museum in Andijk

EROS 125 cc Made by the brothers Ruud and ED Loers. Designed by Steve Wicks . England.

       Vice Champion Eurocup 2017

                    Jaap Groot

Schleiz 2018


         Sachsenring  band .

Dijon 2018 Golden Riders

                        Sachsenring 2016

                Schotten 2008             

           Jaap Groot and Wil Doodeman 

                   Veenendaal 2007


ZuPA engine

only 2 made

               Zschorlau 2015  Garelli    

Dijon / Prenois 

Me and Ina Voight  and Bernd Meijer .

Sachsenring 2018

Ralf , Gerold and Marjo

Ralf and Heike Waltman, Gerold Meissner+ daughter and jaap
Spa  2007
With my friend : Rolf Blatter ( CH)


 50- AND 125 cc  Racing  BIKES  


 50 cc  Racing  BIKES

Garelli on Dyno Sjaak en Wil Doodeman

50 cc Bridgestone racing tyres Always in stock . Ask for prices  :

[email protected]

Garelli 50 cc



Air Cooled.

 5 speed.

Van Veen


 6 gear



Oschersleben 2018

Ehrensberger 84

Groot               6 

Plantinga        79

Kenjeres         81



 50- AND 125 cc 

 Racing  BIKES 

Many thanks to Our

 Helmet sponsor

Massink  from Toldijk


DIJON 2018

Jan de Vries

jaap Groot

Meikomot 50 cc raengine 2018

Bridgestone 125

 2 cil. Ex Jan Ubels .

Made by :Jos Schurgers

Willem Heijkoop and Jaap

Medical examination

Spa 2015

Works Minarelli 1977

Minarelli 125 cc. Ex Bert Smit EK Bike

Kreidler 12 gear 

ex : Beltoise

Formel fomule 1 rider.

Speed seven  GP 50 cc Kreidler


            ex Gerrit Strikker           

My second  racer 1976

Doodeman  GP.

With sand moulded crankcases

Van Veen works engine.